HAIR-DOS AND VIEWS: A yoga memoir from a 2007 solo road trip across America.

The heat was palpable as I drove across the Badlands of North Dakota. My poor body was screaming for movement after 4 hours of wiggling in the driver’s seat. Zooming at 80 MPH down the interstate, I had sat in half lotus on the right, and then on the left, and even found full lotus for a few miles, my legs tangled together in the seat, dangerously far from the brake or the gas. Time to get out of the car. Stretch. Pee. No more flying in full lotus without a safety net while driving. I scanned the Rest Stop Area for the least amount of foot traffic and spied a perfect spot, overlooking the Badlands, next to a small picnic table. Breathing in and breathing out, I took in the eccentric l

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