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  • Tina L Romenesko, PYT 500, AMT 200

Why Trillium?

It's my favorite week of the year - the one week each spring that the Trilliums bloom in Wisconsin! This year the Trillium Hike took place at Lions Den Gorge near Grafton. The Trilliums are so plentiful here that they named a trail after them. Trillium Trek.

I've always loved this simple flower that was first introduced to me by my dad when we were trail riding in northern Wisconsin near Iola. He thought they looked like little hankies left on the forest floor. Each spring we would stop along the trail and admire their simplicity and beauty.

In 2006, when I opened my first yoga studio in Appleton - I chose Trillium as it's name - the three petals representing the three facets of Yoga: Body. Mind. Heart. The flower beautifully integrates these three qualities as one - in balance, beauty, and harmony.

As Mindfulness becomes more of a focus in my work, I see these three elements merging in Presence - each component a reflection of the other, resonating in Gratitude for all that is. A single Trillium flower is beautiful, but their truest beauty is expressed on the forest floor, scattered randomly, like tiny hankies in community. A broad brushstroke that takes your breath away, and fills your heart with Joy.

Trillium Studio Milwaukee

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