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Pizza & Prana - the film!

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

This week, The Duncan Entertainment Group is releasing the short film, Pizza & Prana on the Duncan Entertainment website @

This 12-minute film explores my work and collaboration with Dr. Scott Stieber as we

incorporate Yoga, Breathwork, and Mindfulness meditation into his experience with ALS.

I entered Scott’s journey during the spring of 2018 to discuss how Yoga might be impacting his ALS symptoms. Our virtual conversations over the next few weeks inspired me to travel to Scott’s home in Pennsylvania to work with him in person. After our first session, I was convinced that what Dr. Scott was experiencing was his connection to the energy body. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, we call it Prana. When teaching the concept of Prana, I use the terms Breath, Energy, Life Force, and Awareness interchangeably. Prana is the matrix that permeates every cell of our physical body. It is the expression of the Mind/Body connection and one of our most powerful advocates for healing Body, Mind, and Heart.

Scott and I practiced a lot that first weekend, and the tangibility of Prana in his practice was impressive. With a new understanding of Prana, Dr. Scott’s connection to the life force deepened and expanded. For the next eighteen months, we continued to talk and practice weekly. We also explored Scott’s history leading up to his diagnosis as well as our mutual insights into the disease, healing, and life itself.

My partner and the film’s director, Chip Duncan, along with fellow filmmaker Bob Huck, traveled with me to visit Scott and his wife Diane in Miami. Soon after our second visit, this short film. Pizza & Prana, was in the editing room.

Pizza & Prana provides a window into Dr. Scott’s daily world, from his morning shower, through yoga practice, and out into the streets of Miami. With humor and heart, Dr. Scott inspires viewers to tune into the healing power of Prana. Chris Spheeris and Willy Porter both provided original music for the film. Milwaukee’s Randy Bobo did the sound design with graphics from Milwaukee’s Wonder Wonder.

Throughout the month of September, we will be organizing free Zoom conversations around The Healing Potential of Yoga and Meditation as it relates to ALS, and beyond. The schedule will be available on my website (, with Zoom Room information and links.

Please view the film BEFORE tuning into the Zoom session. After September 4 th , 2020, it will be available any time under FILMS @ .

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1 bình luận

04 thg 9, 2020

What a powerful film documenting the power of breath. Dr. Scott along with Tina graciously share their experience in the hope that it can help others. Truly inspirational!

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